Our Vision

Epic Skates is devoted to challenging the status quo in the skating industry through a focused approach to product design and commitment to customer service. From start to finish our values are embedded in our processes and our efforts are focused on our customers. We are committed to being the embodiment of quality and value in everything we do.

Our History

Epic Skates has been in business less than a decade and while we are still a young, growing brand our team has over a century of combined experience in the industry. Our unique combination of experience, familiarity, and knowledge, combined with our team’s specialized talents has resulted in a skate brand that has grown leaps and bounds in our first few years. Epic Skates started with a single skate and the vision that our founder could provide a high quality and affordable option for beginning roller skaters. We still proudly offer the original skate model and it remains a staple in the beginner market. In a short time we’ve expanded to offer the wide variety of both inline skates and roller skates we carry today. We are committed to continually improving our current products while developing new models and testing new technologies. We also enjoy the benefits of remaining a small, family business at heart and are devoted to continuing to providing an extremely personal level of support and feedback to and from our loyal customers as we grow. This commitment has been priority number one for Epic Skates since the beginning and will forever remain one of our core values.

In addition to providing the highest quality roller skates and accessories at the lowest possible prices, Epic Skates is committed to increasing public awareness of all of the benefits of roller skating to a healthy, active lifestyle.